This site is dedicated to my Wisconsin Worker's Comp and other issues surrounding my injury at work, and other health issues, and the lawyers, liars, bureaucrats, doctors, judges and officials, and other people that made my life hell ever since. There is also to be a book written that will embody all of these issues, and this site is dedicated both to making people aware of the book, and to give some encouragement and information to those people who do not or cannot purchase the book.

The site and book's name draws an obvious reference to the lousiest nazi of all, and his lousy book. I felt like I was the victim of some form of lousiness myself, and so I thought it was clever. So sue me. BTW, if anyone wants to sue me for any parallels in this page or the ensuing book to your life, your admission that it was you will be taken also as an admission of guilt, in which case I will file a countersuit that will bury you. Welcome to the club.

This site will eventually have a recap of my mishaps and other adventurous dealings with the crooked and twisted Worker's Comp situation I found myself in for 3-1/2 years and counting . . .

Sooner or later there will be a book will be written and published, if I have to publish them, print them, collate them, and glue them all together myself, about the lies, bad advice, shady dealings, and other issues, both triumph and tragedy, that this issue has created.

Included will be rotten lawyers, bad doctors, cover-ups, questionable advice, and strange happenings in general, including actual recaps of letters and conversations with bureaucrats, lawyers and judges, both in and out of court.

Also, there will be excerpts in the website, and probably actual reprintings of my failed and disrespected attempts to set the record straight in writing. I had to write letters to numerous government agencies, often several to each, mostly unheeded. Some of these letters were attempts to ask these agencies to enforce the rules and rights that they themselves told me that I had, which had been flagrantly disregarded, which were found in their own letters and literarture. Needless to say most of my letters were not heeded whatsoever. My next venue for enforcement is supposed to be a letter to my representatives. That is if that government employee's advice is correct . . .

There will be information on how my insurance was delayed for 11 months, how it could be shown that it may have been intentional, and how I was fired instead of insured.

Also there will be a section on how a bank allowed their client, one of my adversaries, to bounce a huge check, only to do nothing about it. Eventually, speaking with their regional manager, I was practically blamed by him, because, and I quote, ". . . it is a felony to try to cash a check that does not have sufficient funds." Oh? Try: "It is a felony to WRITE a check of that size without sufficient funds." Add to that the fact that our DA's office refused to press charges, or even make a phone call the bank, because they "rely only upon on the police to do their investigating." What do you suppose happened when I called the Sheriff's Department to have it "investigated?"

Think that's bad? Wait 'till you read the whole story. I want to take this opportunity to assure the reader that I have not just evidence, but proof of most everything I am saying here, and in the ensuing book. You don't need proof in Worker's Comp issues as you do in criminal court (or at least are supposed to - another issue) but I have plenty of it. Why not get the book and see where all that got me?

Also included will be numerous instances of ineptitude and even ill will on the part of no less than five departments of both my state and federal governments. So-called facts were sometimes created out of thin air, often in direct contradiction to what was actually said. In follow-up conversations and Requests for Review, the administrators often not only did nothing about the probems, but instead tried to cover the tracks of their underlings, and in some cases even contributed to the lies and obfuscation. In one case I was accused of commiting a felony. In another I was accused of missing court and "being afraid to show up, because I was afraid to, since my claim was fraudulent." What do you suppose was done when I tried to complain about that preposterous (and eventually admittedly untrue) accusation? Read the book someday, or wait for the updates to the site . . .

No site or book on these matters could be complete without the inclusion of the numerous people and government institutions that actually did some good, and how following some advice of the better lawyers actually seemed to help.

It should be noted that the book will also never be done until the litigation is done.

Also included will be a section on how difficult it is to get an attorney to sue government employees or branches in general, but, hopefully, how it can be done anyhow, in my present and ongoing attempt to preserve (or possibly re-initiate??) the people's ability to rely on our government agencies. How do you do that if there is no reliable or even accessible mechanism in place to hold officials accountable? We shall see if there can be such a mechanism. It will be the Federal courts, if my guess is right.

Stay tuned . . .

Don't let them get to you too! You have rights!!